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5 Things To Know If You Want to Buy, Sell, or Trade your Car

Photo Credit: Streets Blog

Do you have an old car sitting in your driveway? Has it gotten you through years of ups and downs? Maybe you have some great memories with your old car? Sure, it may be hard to get rid of it. But if it’s time to sell your old Mustang Sally, you’ll be better off for getting the unsafe, unsightly vehicle off the road. We’ve come up with some of the top determinations to help you decide if it’s time to finally sell your junk car: Continue reading

Wondering When to Replace Your Brake Pads?



Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Fewer auto component breakdowns are as ulcer-inducing as brake failures. Whether you narrowly avoided an accident on the highway when your brakes suddenly failed in the freeway; or you’re concerned because your brakes have been squeaking, squealing, groaning, or making other disconcerting noises, you need professional attention, ASAP. Here are some things to keep your eye on when it comes to your brakes: Continue reading